Longstay accommodation for all companies, large and small, Swedish and foreign.

We can proudly inform you that today we cooperate with several of the largest accommodation brokers in the country and can therefore offer over 10,000 accommodation throughout Sweden.

So contact us for your next project wherever it may be and we promise we will do everything we can to help you.

We provide several different accommodations in southern Dalarna, Gävleborg, Örebro and Västmanland County, for your company, large or small.

Today we can offer 400+ beds mainly in Borlänge and Falun but also Västerås, Örebro and Gävle near the Microsoft center, as well as Sandviken and Grums near Billerud, Skellefteå and now also Forsmark nuclear power plant and Östersund near Verksmon.We have several accommodations in Boden near the H2GS factories.

As well as several major newcomers in Kiruna.

We can convey what you are looking for, everything from simple cottages to apartments or rooms with hotel standard, but we try to invest in larger accommodation that can accommodate the entire workforce.Right now we can offer several accommodations in Kvarnsveden near Stora Enso and future Northvolt battery factory, now also at Forsmark's nuclear power plant.

Benefits of corporate housing:

- Much cheaper monthly cost than booking a hotel room.

-The more guests and the longer the stay the lower the rent.

- Guests have the opportunity to cook their own food as all

our accommodation is equipped with a kitchen.

- Gather the whole group at the same accommodation.

- Always free parking for company cars.

Do you need to book a staff overnight? or maybe 20 over a year? No problem, we have places.

All our accommodations have fully equipped kitchens, comfortable beds, laundry facilities, wi-fi and parking for company cars.